How to have phone meetings for free

Sometimes when it comes to discussing some of the new laws and associated politics you need to have everyone in the same room so you can hear all of the issues from different point of views. However as we all know sometimes having everyone in the same room for a face to face meeting can be a bit hard. So whats the next best thing? Conference calls. Now before you worry about how much you will be spending we are here to tell you that there are some free alternative to fancy conference calling services. We did a little bit of research lately and we found They offer all of the information we were looking for get started. We actually have our very first political discussion meeting there the other day as a trial service and their standard conferencing package worked just fine. We were even able to playback some audio with their built in audio feature.

One of the drawbacks that we saw was that you cant actually receive a phone number that is local to you it has to be a area code somewhere else in the country but that is not necessarily a negative point. Its more or less just a mini annoyance or maybe us being picky. But honestly in the name of free meeting calls what more can you actually ask for.

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